Summer Burnout

My daughter leaned over my shoulder yesterday while I was changing her baby sister’s diaper and said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if she just peed in your face?!” I can’t wait for her to go Keep Reading

How I Reduced My Food Budget by 75%

How I gained control of our food budget after a tumultuous move.   Two months ago my family was in the middle of a big move. From one house to another, with a five-week lay-over Keep Reading

How to Make Your Own Organic Baby Cereal

Making your own organic baby cereal is easy!   I have four kids!  One of the things that is very important to me is that they all eat a healthy, wholesome diet.  I believe that Keep Reading

Dear Mozey, How Can I Tell If My Newborn is Getting Eno...

Dear Mozey, How can I tell if my newborn is getting enough breast milk? Evangeline, MN   Dear Evangeline, This always seems to be a question that new moms face.  Because we can’t see how Keep Reading

How Eating An Orange Helped My Son, Overcome his Anxiet...

A few months ago I wrote this story… Today my son had an optometrist appointment. The first in many, I predict, because apparently he is very far-sighted in his left eye. Today was a first Keep Reading

Time To Doll Yourself Up! Week #4 Happy Mom Box

Wow, what a holiday rush! Last week was week #4 of the Happy Mom box, and I gotta tell ya, I skipped it! Yep, I had just too much going on with Christmas and all Keep Reading

Dairy-Free Yams with Marshmallows and Toasted Pecans

Mmm…   There is nothing quite like the sweet and savory yam with toasted marshmallow dish, but for years I could not enjoy it because I am allergic to cow’s milk, and the traditional recipe Keep Reading

15 Fun Kid Activities To Do On Winter Break!

Today is officially the first day of my kids holiday break.  I have been eagerly anticipating it, NOT!   Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but if your kids are anything like mine, full Keep Reading

Pregnant Belly Dance, Tango, and Yoga…Week #3 of ...

Week #3 of the Happy Mom Box Challenge! Plus… Mesmerizing pregnant Belly Dance,Tango, and Yoga Videos, as well as, two Mommy and Me videos!   I love dancing, yoga, and most forms of exercising…but I Keep Reading