Start A Blog In Six Simple Steps

Recently I decided to start a new blog, it’s not live yet, so don’t worry you haven’t missed anything!  My new blog that I am toying around with is called, How To Braid Your Own Keep Reading

How To Do A Braided Bun | Long Hair Hair Tutorial #3

A braided bun is timeless classic hairstyle that can be both casual or formal. My hair is so thick and heavy that I have hard time wearing any type of bun for too long. I Keep Reading

Diaper Pins & Cloth Diaper Trick | Tips & Tri...

In this video, I share a nifty little trick that I have used to make using cloth diapers a lot easier! Do you use cloth diapers? If so, then you will be able to relate Keep Reading

How To Braid Your Hair In A Ponytail Braid | Long Hair ...

Per request, I have made a video of how to braid your own hair into a ponytail braid! An English ponytail braid is a simple braid to do and an important style to know how Keep Reading

DITL | Organize | Decluttering My 9-Year-Old Daughter&#...

I can’t believe it is already mid-February!  I made this video the very last day of 2016 so that I would hit my goal of decluttering everyone’s clothes before the end of the year. This Keep Reading

Authentic Homeschool Collaboration With Pepper & P...

I am super excited to start sharing my homeschooling journey with you guys, starting with this video about Authentic Homeschooling! This video is my first official homeschooling video and it is actually a collaboration with Keep Reading

My Favorite Brushes & Combs For Long Hair

Hi, there!  In this video, I share with you all my favorite brushes and combs that I use for my long hair. If you have long hair or know someone who has long hair, these Keep Reading

How To Cook Beans In The Pressure Cooker WITHOUT Soakin...

It is amazing how often I am planning on making burritos, tacos, or huevos rancheros from scratch and I have forgotten to SOAK the beans!!!  Enter my pressure cooker!   Many a dinner has been Keep Reading

How I Used The Konmari Method To Declutter My Clothes

Wow, decluttering my clothes using the KonMari method was a great way to get in touch with myself and in doing so, it was life-changing. It is so easy, as moms, to get trapped in Keep Reading

How To Make Chicken Stock in 10 Minutes Using A Pressur...

The cold and flu season is here and look-no-further, because here is your remedy!  Homemade chicken broth!  I always keep a stockpile of homemade chicken broth in my freezer, so that when the flu strikes, Keep Reading